Dear Participant,

Earlier studies showed that humans are able to recognize the emotions of others by their voice surprisingly well. Moreover, this is also true when they hear animal vocalizations, especially in the case of dogs. Humans can decipher the emotional background of different growls and barks, and they also rate the emotions of different vocalization types according to their social contexts. Besides these studies however, we have scarse knowledge about the communicative role of dog whines, although dogs use these sounds in several different contexts (when left alone, during begging or greeting the owner). And this is the point where we need your help dear Participant, as with your answers we can learn a lot about dog whines! We will reveal the details of your task on the following pages (although, you won't be very surprised if we tell that you will listen to whines), but before that we would need some information about You which will be handled confidentally and used only for research purposes. (If you give us some contact info, we will happily share our results with you. Your contact information are stored in a separate, password protected database. Only the researchers have access to these and the questionnaire data which is also stored on a password protected computer. The data are not provided for any third party without Your permission.) With clicking Next below, You declare that you read and understand these information, participate voluntarily and agree with the terms of the study.